Why doesn’t God seem to answer my prayers?

In the mist of hardship we’ve prayed for many things, but what do we do when we cry out to God and he doesn’t answer? Do we get upset, grow distant or become defeated? I know at one point or another I’ve sadly experience all of these, but maybe God is teaching us something through not answering.

Why isn’t he answering all our prayers?

tumblr_n21i9rVPNz1r6i9dso1_500Sin in our lives, disobedience, maybe it’s not his timing or better yet, not his will. There are many things I’ve prayed for in the past that I literally praise God for withholding them. I know it can be discouraging when circumstances seem unbearable, but know that the Lord works on our behalf.  He is refining your faith through this trial. Remember he works all good things for those who love him. (Romans 8:28) Even if it means a few extra bicep curls to juggle the madness.

A few months ago I was reminded of the great importance of prayer. After receiving wise counsel I made an effort to begin writing down every prayer God had answered. 3 months later a few pullet points grew into a list of God’s gifts of grace. Sure, many things I have prayed for have not come to pass, but everything according to his will has.


You see, when we grow in understanding of his word and fall deeper in love with him. We begin to desire what he desires, praying for his will to be done not ours. We intentionally begin to look for opportunities to help those who are hurting. (Isaiah 58:10) We desire to die to ourselves and pick up our cross daily. (Luke 9:23) We begin to think of others more highly than ourselves. (Philippians 2:3) You become passionate about sharing the gospel with everyone.

imgJust imagine, the King of Kings seated on the throne hears your cries and has compassion on the righteous. He reaches out his hand to those who take refuge in him (Psalm 37:40). So be encouraged. He is changing your heart to be like his. When we learn to trust in him we allow God to shine more brightly through us so others will come to know . (Check out Matthew 5:16)

Your story of perseverance in your prayer life may be a testimony to someone else in need. Don’t lose hope, but place your confidence in Christ. So trust him and obey all that he’s called you to in this season of correction or season of waiting. I know it can be extremely difficult, but we remember the suffering Jesus endured on the cross and understand that he has withstood trials far greater than ours. Since Christ now lives in us, we are more the conquerors through him. Be encouraged dear one, he is making all things beautiful in this time, including your heart for him.

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